The A-spot In Your Vagina – Secrets Of Your Body That You Don’t Know.

Women may have a lot of doubts about their most vital “that part”, but don’t know how to talk about. In your body’s organs, genitals probably is listed as the most shy of talking about the site, so open your mind! As a woman, most of the “secret garden”, how much do you know? Most of you have probably heard of the G-Spot, but the A-spot is another exciting zone that can produce intense sexual pleasure as well as rapid lubrication and contractions in some women. Also known as the AFE (Anterior Fornix Erogenous) zone, this area of sensitivity is located at the deepest point of the vagina on the upper (anterior) wall where it begins to curve upwards.

The G-spot is considered to be the key of female orgasm stimulating points. In fact, A-spot is more easily than the G-spot let the woman excited site. The anterior vaginal entrance is located in the G-spot 2-3 cm, A-spot point deeper. G and A points by masturbation (finger) to stimulate. Remember, the best use of A-spot or G-spot stimulation lubricant, women should be fully aroused, otherwise easily lead to sexual intercourse pain or discomfort.

Though the A-Spot is located at the back of the vagina, a long penis is not necessary to stimulate this area, as the average vaginal canal is quite short and even an index finger can be used to reach the AFE zone.

If you don’t find the A-Spot on your first try or if you do not experience pleasure or arousal, don’t worry – there are plenty of other hot spots on the wondrous female body and you still get an A for effort. Every woman is different and just because the A-spot is a hot zone for some women, this does not guarantee that all women will enjoy direct stimulation.Remember , communication is of utmost importance when experimenting with partnered sex play.