Most popular sex toys for women – Dragon Dildos

What is the most popular sex toys for women? Yes, not vibrators, it’s dragon dildos. Dragon dildos is one of the main products of the auxiliary supplies, it’s relative or related supplies for the fake vagina. Here is a brief introduction to the history and function of the development of dragon dildos.

Today, the dragon dildos material is made of soft polymer rubber material, feel the same as the human body muscle tissue, and most of the battery power driven. In appearance, the false appearance of the penis is usually similar to that of a male penis, and has a variety of skin color or other colors.

Before 1990s, the function of the dragon dildos only to “shake”, the dragon dildos shock can provide about 80 Hz vibration stimulation to the nipple or breast above vaginal clitoral stimulation or other organs, in order to achieve orgasm.

Now many dragon dildos telescopic and rotary and peristaltic function, even out of a small oscillation fork, in order to stimulate the vaginal and clitoral stimulation and vibration can slow multi section adjusting level. In case of insufficient secretion of vaginal lubrication or add a condom, there is a double, for 2 people to use.