The guide for your first time anal sex.

In reality, many couples or couples because of sexual behavior on the normal behavior of tired, so I hope some stimulus to improve the experience, so many people choose to try first time anal sex, but many people do not know how to anal sex, anal sex and some matters needing attention, the lack of such experience and cause harm to physical and mental gender health.

Look at the following considerations:

1. First time anal sex will make you feel pain? Anal sex should not be painful. If you feel pain, you said that the method of error. If there is enough lubrication and patience, anal sex may be part of your safe and satisfying sexual life. However, there are a lot of people don’t love it, if your partner is such a person, respect him (her) line. Don’t force him (her) to accept the idea.

2. Why would anyone want first time anal sex? For many people, it is quite anal sex taboo. Customers sounds vulgar and dirty, it is some technology. In 90s, anal sex was rated poorly because the AIDS virus that caused HIV was extremely easy to spread through anal sex. Some people love anal sex, some people hate it. Some people have tried and curious. But there are quite a lot of people because of anal sex taboos and mysterious and it was felt to attract.

3. What is the mouth to the anus stimulus? The body has a part of someone love lick it, people love to be licked, it is anus. The anus has about half the nerve endings in the pelvic area, and many people find it exciting to touch it. So far, we are not in this series of first time anal sex talked about the “safe”, but there will be mentioned: the anus and rectum may be parasitic rather much bacteria, which is harmless in there, but in the mouth or stomach may cause damage. For export on anal stimulation is dangerous behavior caused by a variety of bacterial diseases. If you or your partner likes to do this, the stimulation of the mouth to the anus is a dangerous behavior for multiple bacterial diseases. If you or your partner likes this behavior, refer to the safe sex tips section to find ways to protect yourself from infection.

4. First time anal sex can really bring the fun? Anal sex can be fun in many ways to find. Doing something nasty, especially about sex, is attractive to many people. Do something different to add to the pleasure of life has become a habit. In the anal intercourse, the physical sensation is quite different from what is acquired from other things. Rectum is composed of nerve endings, some will be stimulated to notify the brain when you feel good signal reward. For men, the prostate may be sources of intense pleasure. The penis is (Sprint sprint… Oneself turn over to feel amused: P), the circle of anal constrictive can be new the intense joy that has intense feeling.

5. what should I prepare for first time anal sex? For all the people who want to try anal sex, the most important advice is: lubricants, condoms and patience. Don’t buy a grease lubricant. Make sure you buy lubricant “can use condoms. Grease lubricant, such as Vaseline or baby oil, as early as you complete the sexual behavior before it will destroy the condoms. And many oily substances accumulate on the rectal wall, providing a hotbed of bacterial infection.