The fancy sex toys – sex swings.

A sex swing (also known as a sling) is a type of harness designed to allow sexual intercourse between one partner suspended by the swing and another who moves freely. Though there is considerable variety in the design, the most common sex swings have a support for the back, another for the buttocks, and stirrups for each leg, which can be adjusted whilst the user is suspended.

The following types of sex swings exist: traditional swing, door swing, body swing, and fantasy swing.The body swing is suspended from one partner’s body.The door swing is mounted on a door.The fantasy swing is suspended from an eye bolt in the ceiling.In popular culture, sex swing is mostly associated with BDSM practices.

Here are some points you need to know before you buy your sex swings.

Check the Weight Limit
The first thing you’ll want to know is the weight limit. Especially if either you or your partner is full-bodied, you’ll want to know exactly how much your sex swings can hold. If you ever plan on trying to use it to hold multiple people, make sure to take that into account too. Know how much “wiggle room” you have in the weight limit to ensure everyone stays in the air – and not a pile on a ground.

Sex Swings Setup
Sex swings tend to be set up in a pretty logical way The standard design includes multiple straps that come off of an anchor point near the top. This anchor point will attach to your ceiling or sex swing stand, and the swing will hang off of that anchor point. This gives you quite a bit of free-feeling movement as the swing moves around this centered point. Many swings provide soft, padded areas for your limbs (such as the ankles, wrists, head, butt, thighs, forearms, and more) that are attached to stronger, less-soft materials (usually nylon). These straps are usually adjustable in some manner to allow for the perfect set-up for your body shape and height – one that can change on-the-go as your own sex position desires change.

Think About the Attachment Point
Once you’ve figured out the weight limit, you’ll need to figure out how you want to hang your swing. If you have the ability and know how to modify your home, you can hang the swing right from the ceiling. For your safety, however, make sure you follow all of the installation instructions especially when it comes to finding a sturdy ceiling point. If you don’t have the knowledge to do that, you may want to consider picking up sex swings stand from your favorite retailer as well. Make sure the swing you’re interested in getting is small enough to fit into your proposed area.