Several types of sex can not be missed.

1. Tell your needs when having sex
Scientists said, we know a lot about dirty words between having types of sex, but was too shy to speak, when lovemaking can enjoy sex while some brave, say it out loud. Can drink a little wine as a prescription. In particular, I do not have to teach, in short, do not have to be shy.

2. Role play.
We each have a lot of dreams, if you can not accept sexual relations and a number of lovers, but look forward to some fantasy into reality, it can be bold and play partner you want “role”, which is one of the best ways to make the sexual life of husband and wife holding passion. If you don’t know where to start, just try to “pretend to be a stranger” with your partner, which will help people to experience the other side of yourself and do what you normally don’t always want to do during types of sex.

3. Lingering in the luxury.
If you have the opportunity to stay in a luxury hotel, you can find a quiet place to come to a good place to have types of sex.

4. In the field or in the car.
In nature, we will fully relax ourselves from types of sex. If there is a tent or campsites, why not try the field feeling. At the same time, you can also try the car in the car, which may bring pleasure too wonderful for words.

5. Bathroom “war”.
In the bathroom mirror, you can see all the sexual process, it will be very strong. Use the toilet or bath to help you make your position more sexy. To light the candles, bath or make some water to increase the types of sex interest.

6.Lazy sex.
Find a weekend without overtime, sleep to wake up naturally, gently remove the clothes, and love to close together, try a relaxed, comfortable types of sex, is very conducive to decompression and contact feelings.

7. Morning Sex That Makes You Late for Work
Hey, sometimes you need to wake up to something better than that blaring alarm clock. You’ll come into work with a stupid grin on your face, but whatever,types of sex was worth it.