How can women get orgasm from use vibrators?

There are many types of women’s health supplies, which vibrators are female sex utensils in the use of high frequency, the use of the number of special one of the health supplies, there are many types of vibrators, but more or less the same. General bar in the motor driven by vibrators, twist, swing and other massage to stimulate the way to bring women to enjoy the fantastic pleasure.

The multi – function of vibrators:
A vibrator in the specific function and classification of diversified G-spot stimulation vibrators, simulation massage stick, telescopic rotary bead massage stick, similar in usage.

To the lubrication of the vibrator before use, after use must use the clean liquid or special equipment in alcohol disinfection, after taking out the bar body battery and lights, other are basically the same. The difference is the use of the specific features of the vibrators, we have to massage the bar as an example to understand how to use the next shock stick?

How to using vibrators:
1. First connect the charger, the vibrators to charge, the end of the bar has a charging hole, insert the charger connector can be.

2. Charging indicator light flashes of white light, charging complete stop flashing lights.

3. The rod body lubrication, after using the hand to hold the massage shake stick to use, can be men holding, but also women holding their own hand.

4. Adjust the vibration mode, by andnano-earthquake to suggest excessive earthquake, can feel the massage vibrator level bursts of stimulation, the arrow can change the vibration modes, plus a boot, increase the vibration intensity, vibrators intensity is reduced until the minus sign off, the middle button is press lock key.

5. After use, can be used to clean the spray cleaning and disinfection of the stick body, wipe clean after collection will be used next time. Massage vibrators to women’s mental and physical double happiness, let the woman have to enjoy the pleasure of fresh stimulus, with 80 90 after the opening of thought, more and more women are in the use of vibrators, happiness within.


Experience tells you what should women use sex toys with the correct way?

At the first,Women useing vibrators is a very normal thing.

“Will I be difficult to orgasm by use too much sex toys?” If you are very worried about this, I assure you that, in essence, the usage count of sex toys with your difficulty of orgasm have no connection.

From our previous surveys, it’s definitely a good thing for people to experiment with different kinds of sex experiences, including sex toys or other ways to enjoy sex.

So what will be harmful to our health during useing sex toys?

The first case: long time useing.
This long time, is not often used. Means that you have been using the sex toys for orgasm for too long. It’s easy to damage your skin of vigina. I suggest to try the oil,or you can also use your vibrator in the spacing time, so you can more easily reach the orgasm.

The second case: preservation unhealthy.
Every time after used your sex toys, be sure to carefully clean the side, disinfect with disinfectant, and then use a clean paper towel wipe it clean,it can prevent the bacterial’s growth. The next time before you use it,just clean with water is OK.

The third situation: shoddy products.
So much store sale sex toys,the price can be 10 to 1000 dollars.You should carefully selected.

The fourth situation: not suitable for the product.
Do not over-chase the size.If you don’t use it regularly, you can choose a little vibrators such as bullet.If you use it daily,you can choose a dildo or the other big size vibrator.


Get Pleasure from a good Rabbit Vibrator

Gone are the days women depended on men for sexual pleasure and couldn’t achieve the orgasm even after the intercourse.Now women can take control over their orgasm with rabbit vibrator which can be used not only on those lonely nights of burning desire but also when you play the game of lust and love with your partner. Rabbit vibrator is an amazing sex toy which pleases both virgins and experienced ones.


It has a shaft which rotates and pearl beads tumble making the head/ears of the rabbit (device) to buzz furiously. It is made in such a way that when shaft touches your g-spot, beads stimulate the vaginal opening and the ears of the Rabbit Vibrator make you moan when they kiss your clitoris.

Whether you are a lesbian, a lonely housewife whose husband sleeps early, a girl shy of relationships or an experimental couple who always look to spice up their sex life – rabbit vibrator is for you.

On my personal experience a good Rabbit Vibrator have those important points:

• Gyrating tip for G Spot stimulation and a more life-like feel
• Spinning beads massage you with 5 different speeds
• Powerful rabbit ears tickle and tease your clit with 7 speeds & patterns
• Ribbed shaft thrills you with every move
• Penis-shaped tip for easier penetration
• Made from TPR, a rubbery material known for its softness and durability
• Dual motors let you control the vibration and rotation separately
• Measures 1.5 inches across and 5.5 inches long, insertable

How To Use A Rabbit Vibrator With Your Partner

We’re always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better orgasm, or a better relationship. But how often do we hear the nitty-gritty of how we can actually better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions? Bustle has enlisted Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist, to help us out with the details. No gender, sexual orientation, or question is off limits, and all questions will remain anonymous. Please send your sex and relationship inquiries to tips. Now, onto this week’s topic: using a Rabbit Vibrator with your partner.


First of all, let me share some of my experience from also working with a lot of the male partners of my female orgasm clients. They’re really not intimidated by your Rabbit vibrators! Seriously! The overwhelming majority of the men I’ve worked with think that bringing a vibrator into the bedroom is extremely hot. Here are some of the responses I’ve heard:


“I don’t know why she’s worried about this. I would love to play with her Rabbit Vibrator with her.”
“I think it’s so hot to see her enjoying herself. It drives me wild.”


You’re probably way more worried about this than you need to be. Even the guys who initially felt a little nervous about the idea of bringing a Rabbit Vibrator into the bedroom got on board as soon as we talked about it in more detail. As long as you follow the rest of my guidelines, you’ll be just fine.

Remember That You Deserve Pleasure

Vibrators can be an amazing addition to the bedroom, especially if intercourse is a big part of your sex life. A lot of people don’t know that only about 20-30 percent of women can orgasm from intercourse alone. The vast majority of women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, which intercourse is simply not designed to do. Bringing a Rabbit vibrator into the bedroom can help you enjoy the fullness of penetration while getting the clitoral stimulation you need to climax. You should never feel ashamed of giving your body what it needs to feel pleasure. It’s your body, you have to advocate for it. Whether you’re giving your clit some love with a toy, your fingers, or asking your partner to get their fingers involved, make sure it gets the love it deserves.