Must pay attention to these questions during use black dildo.

Some netizens said they use black dildo comfortable experience, after watching so many couples have a great interest in this black dildo. Our taste is what? Even can let a female magic nakedness slippery? And foreplay with it, the experience of the stick?

Now people’s life pressure, a lot of women in sexual life can not be met, they would prefer to work on the sex toys. So there are a lot of people will use our. But because our products are relatively new, many people do not understand. First of all, you know, black dildo, is a sex toy, rubber, plastic, metal, silicon and other materials, smooth surface, there are many lovely shapes and different colors dildo, increase the interest of a user.

To put into the vagina for masturbation, use, due to small size, can be put into the vagina, can also be used to stimulate the clitoris, nipple. Black dildo is wireless, usually have a string, after use can be pulled out from the jump rope to the vagina or anus, or may be trapped inside. Care should be taken to prevent discharge.

Black dildo woman to feel how? The female sexual excitement generated using black dildo even beyond sex pleasure, but the pleasure is often beyond the female self-control, the favorite black dildo can not resist, can not conceal. Even many women with sexual partner when required with the use to achieve unlimited black dildo, climax. The use of continuous stimulation of the body sensitive female black dildo, will also cause the same to the sexual orgasm. Even a lot of sex never reached the climax of the female orgasm can jump.

Its size is suitable for every female Chinese, vibration friction strong enough to conquer every woman, whether it is in the entrance or the vagina can meet you, touch you previously inaccessible depths, beyond the passion peak! Many purposes, both as between husband and wife sex toys, masturbation can be as personal items. Make your life more fun! Often use, let you feel the hitherto unknown happiness! When in use black dildo, can be inserted into the vagina or anus, vaginal or anal stimulation massage, absolute torque shock ecstasy!

How to choose the suitable one from types of vibrators.

The purchase of vibrators can be seen, heard, heard, touched the four aspects of the types of vibrators is good and bad and categories, the so-called look, smell, listen, touch is – look at the shape, listen to the sound, smell smell, touch material!

First, look at the shape
In accordance with the types of vibrators can be divided into the overall design of the European and American Department of ergonomic design style and of the vibration type of the antenna type, the difference between them can be likened to the image of the mineral water and coke feel. Ergonomic design according to the female vagina closely fit the structural bionics design, girls private parts, not the pursuit of strong stimulation, but to meet the taste, like plain but nutrient rich mineral water, although no taste, but to solve practical problems, the biggest advantage is that the design of human engineering, will not increase the value if the gate excited, for men.

Do not affect sexual pleasure, the side effect is small. While the Japanese system is like tentacles cola, drink drink can be more enjoyable, about thirst, long use will increase the value of the gate body excited, it is difficult to change a man to meet you, but if the old drink boiling water, will be bored, from time to time for coke drinking is harmless, adjust the life, to which one is more important or the consumer choice according to personal situation. There is also a types of vibrators of the relationship between the human body and the Japanese style tentacles, drawing on the European simplicity of the process, but also to increase the number of lines to enhance the stimulation, the feeling is also between the two.

Second, smell the smell
The qualified product is no pungent odor, because of the production process, the silica gel in the story will certainly have some rubber smell, but not absolute, only the nose close to the vibrators to smell it, and just a hint of rubber smell, even some aroma, cleaning several times no, if you buy a types of vibrators very pungent odor, it must be added plasticizer products, please do not use. (as far as possible or choose the brand and reliable channels)

Third, listen to the sound
The sound of the vibrator is related to the quality of the types of vibrators motor, the general motor vibration sound of 50 decibels or so, ultra quiet motor is only about 45 dB, the more quiet motor motor quality is better, the longer the life.

Fourth, touch material
The temperament and the order of the materials are soft and hard: TPE – silica gel – ABS. So you can tell by the touch of the material and the feeling of the product.
The soft material more suitable for beginners, feel more skin friendly, better adaptability, but the excitement is slightly low, so we see the TPE material to add hair, most types of vibrators touch bump to increase stimulation, to balance the lack of stimulation of material defects; hard material is suitable for the intermediate stage of the game player, even if the silica gel, ABS material no special lines, light is on hard with a certain size, it has been the basic drawing satisfaction, hard material has a strong sense of presence, there is a entrance eight full of feeling.

Europe and the United States Department of types of vibrators design sense of beauty, fashion, girls are very love, felt not so suitable for relative stimulation, caress and explore after insertion of foreplay, but if it is a novice, from Japanese can actually lower the relative price of things start, start from small jump eggs, including with AV rod, shock resistance, strong stimulation, rapid climax, tentacles recommend this type of tremor, small tentacles can not only stimulate the sensitive parts, but also can stimulate other erogenous zones, such as ear.

What’s the feeling of having a bondage sex.

Q: Recently I told my girlfriend on the other many hands tied the game in the process of bondage sex, her reaction is more excited, I also have a little abuse of pleasure, I would like to ask us a pervert?

A: Sex poses many kinds, many women love bondage sex, many men actually have the same desire, sex, usually active means power, by means of obedience in men abuse fantasies, the active and passive role switching means of stimulating and romantic. Moreover, in the process of sexual love can be pain, especially in the area of sexual pain and increase sexual desire, in order to be attacked in the form of a different kind of physical pleasure. Many traditional men and women always think lover, marital violence game, is not a good or bad things, in fact, as long as the other party consents to join the game elements in sex, not only will not affect the quality of sex, sex can increase the anti interest.

Q: Heard SM in bondage sex tricks is basic, can explain the detailed process?

A: SM sex, which is a game of conquest and subjugation, especially through the bondage of tricks, will make the game more strength of desire! Want to taste each other bundled with bundled, and pantyhose is absolutely tied tie each other’s material; you can start to bind each other’s wrists and ankles, or simply a bondage sex! If you want to enjoy the full uniform each other’s pleasure, can be each other’s hands and feet tied to the edge of the bed, of course, you can ask your “master” will tie you in bed, enjoy sex in the sense of “tough tender”. But we must note that all SM before the action began, the two sides must through mutual communication, let each other know each other the next step, at first the good keywords calling card, will not happen psychologically harm or danger!

Q: One night my girlfriend took a towel over my eyes, then sat on me with my crazy love, excuse me, is this a bondage sex?

A: “Blindfolds” should also be regarded as a kind of SM, but it is really just a little SM in the broad and profound, but more pleasure than by bondage sex! Closed sex visual sovereign lie in itself, but when blindfolded, the whole world will enter a dark period; you need to borrow from the touch or auditory orientation. When brought blindfolded the mystical experience exciting, passionate! Because of the blind eye, other sensory perception has thus become acute, ordinary affairs will create an unprecedented surprise, the formation of the best sexual stimulation. Suggest that you can exchange each other next blindfolded, to experience the kind of full control of each other’s body, as well as the other side of the control of pleasure!

The suction cup dildo guide.

How many times have you wanted your hands free for other purposes like stimulating your own nipples or using a bullet on your clitoris? Or, how many times have you played with a vibrator and wished you could ride it like a real man? Or, do you wish you could get your toy very deep inside you and just keep it there for that insertion experience? How about living out the ultimate fantasy and having a threesome with your man? Well, if any of these things appeal to you, then a suction cup dildo are great options!

Suction cup dildos are just as they seem: a dildo or vibrator that has a suction cup on the end. This can then be “stuck” to the wall, side of the bathtub, headboard, floor – pretty much any smooth surface. So, wonder how you could use your own suction cup toy – read on and I will give you just a few.

This handsome suction cup dildo is out to impress. Not only is it the proud owner of 6 erect inches and bulging balls, it buzzes into action with 10 vibration modes. Plus, its suction cup base and wired controller mean play time just got very exciting indeed.

Its sensual shape features a host of realistic details including balls at the base, a veiny shaft and a circumcised head for intensely authentic sensations. Combine with the easy-to-use controls and suction cup dildo base for the option of hands-free play and prepare for the lifelike ride of a lifetime.

Don’t do all the suction cup dildo work though. Hand the controller to your partner and encourage them to take charge of your pleasure, telling them what feels good through the power of the language of moans and ooohs.

Top tip: Don’t forget to lube up before use your suction cup dildo for extra-slippery sensations.

What can a best vibrator bring you?

Best vibrator is inseparable with the stimulation of the erogenous zone. Any area in sexy best vibrator female body can form a strong stimulus, of course, under normal circumstances, the clitoris nipple and areola, neck, abdomen and thigh, knee fossa axillary, etc. is the most sensitive part. Our taste is the role of these sites will be accepted after the stimulation of impulses transmitted to the brain, and cause sexual excitement, feeling is strong.

Foreign experts pointed out that the interest generated by sexual excitement than women often jump self-control ability, the role of fun Tiaodan cannot resist cannot hide. With the continuous stimulation of sexy best vibrator area, will eventually lead to the climax of the arrival. The role of women in best vibrator even those with their partners in sexual life never reached orgasm.

Therefore, in the experience of the treatment under the guidance of doctors, patient sex women to state through the use of the best vibrator lack of orgasm is improved. Of course, our interest can also be used for men, but for male stimulation and cause excitement effect is far less than the effect on women as significant and strong. Scientist’s explanation is that the mechanism of female sexual excitement may be more complex than men, they need more love, stimulation and preparation before sexual climax, their role of best vibrator to respond more strongly.

At the same time, we also can not ignore the special role of best vibrator, this is not only because it can stimulate the vagina and the G-spot make women better access to sexual excitement, and as many sexologists say, application for lack of best vibrator, spouse or can not live a normal life with her women can maintain the normal physiological stimulation of the vagina, the role of people like to taste our gymnastics fitness is as important as often do.

Our passion in happiness,
In the majority of young women have best vibrator popular love by single white-collar, older 3S lady. Because eggs although small, but can give you great joy and. In today’s society, work pressure, fierce competition for single women, how can release the hearts of deposition of lust? Of course is small but pretty best vibrator! Our small, can effectively stimulate the sensitive area of the female body, especially the effective stimulation of the clitoris, nipple, neck and inner thighs and other sensitive areas. This stimulation will be transmitted quickly to the nerve center of the brain, so as to achieve the same excitement of love, so that the body and mind completely relaxed.

The foreign experts pointed out that women use best vibrator produced by sexual excitement and even beyond sexual pleasure, but the pleasure is often beyond the female self-control, the taste of love can not resist best vibrator, cannot hide. Even when many women with sexual partner are required with the use of interest to reach the climax of infinite best vibrator. The use of continuous stimulation of body best vibrator sensitive area of women, will also cause the same to the sexual orgasm. Even a lot of sex never reached the climax of the female orgasm can jump.

So the treatment of foreign physicians also often used to treat patients with best vibrator frigidity in women, and it is effective to the lack of orgasm female psychological condition improved. Of course, our interest can also be used for men, but for male stimulation and triggered excitatory effect is far less than the effect on women as significant and strong. For single women or normal sexual life not because of long-distance relationship of women, best vibrator is a good companion.


Give your girl the best oral sex.

Everyone knows that there are many ways to have sex, people will choose their familiar way of sex and skill. Most couples are like penis and intimate contact of the vagina, few people will try to best oral sex, so what question do you need pay attention to best oral sex. Take a look at.

Keep clean
Before the mouth to enjoy best oral sex, it is recommended that the girls take the initiative to clean themselves (would you like to help her wash is no problem, of course). Having sex before a bath also conveniently when to relax. (of course, some people is the original of the preference for woman, it also have not cannot, getting the chance to communicate their preferences is good in advance, in case of embarrassment.)

Find a comfortable and safe place, let her lie down. More praise her a few words to relax. More often than not, girls cannot enjoy best oral sex because she felt nervous and unsure, worried that you would mind her taste and shape. Say a few words to let her relax. The clitoris is undoubtedly the most sensitive spot on her. If you still don’t know where the clitoris, then follow the small make up meditation: the clitoris is located at the junction of two pieces of the top of the labia minora, here has very much to the pleasure of nerve endings.

How to find the clitoris? Imagine a diamond: the clitoris is a small part of the diamond at the top, was wrapped by a layer of the skin. Please note, however, a lot of girls like you around the stimulation of the clitoris, rather than get started into the best oral sex. Package the clitoris this layer of the skin is called the prepuce, most of the woman’s clitoris is hidden in the inside of the foreskin, a bit like the relationship between the penis and wrapping.

Just like the glans penis, the clitoris may be especially sensitive, especially when start having sex. So your tongue can walk the labia minora temptation, from top to bottom and move around or circle, and then slowly and gently into the clitoris. Note that due to the female urethral opening at the top of the vaginal opening, easy to infection, so please pay special attention to health. There are also women’s preference for this area, if so, then don’t hesitate, make best oral sex for her!

If she is going to orgasm soon. You must hold on, do best oral sex excited her actions, no matter what. At this time a change of pace is likely to lose her immediately. Once she was in full swing, you had better to stop all action, because by this time the clitoris very sensitive, with a touch is likely to be hurt.

To explore a lot
Some women are like each other quietly and quickly toggle the clitoris, and enjoy at the same time stimulate the g-spot. If so, you can also use hand and mouth, stimulate her g-spot, you may feel overwhelmed at the beginning, but the skilled. The point is, you can use best oral sex as a common game, a lot of experiment with different skills, take the initiative to communicate, learn to read each other’s body signals, and find the way to let her peak.


What’s the feeling about bondage sex?

1. Silk tie handkerchief
Beginning in order to stimulate male ticket interest in SM, starting from relatively minor, tie clothing like bundle will tie too loose, after all, is the fabric, then forced bundling also won’t have any pain, most will have pressure at the wrist, the psychological hint is strong, especially with the men’s tie tied his hands or hands tied or bound hand and foot + blindfolded, there is a feeling of being conquered by the male dominated, feel very fun to play as the primary bondage sex, non SM couples can also be used to.

2 belt
Strap tied words can only tie hands, because men do not have so many leather belt…… Cortical feel Le tight, because there is no flexibility, so the feeling without a fight, a main bondage sex most is his hands were violently pulled behind the male vote, with a belt tied up and then into (her face), conquered the ravages of feeling is very strong, sometimes belt meat. The pain completely in the bear range, leaving traces will soon disappear, the more important that indicates a slight pain in the Lord himself was forcibly occupied, meet and simply bang bang da. The belt gives people the feeling is cold cold Jun, so with a little rude action would be very suitable for the M property of girls. But for a bondage sex or a little shake this.

3 tape
Tape tried once, is bought on sex store, personal taste is no reason…… Male votes after a time also gave up not cold. Feel the tape is really easy to use, compared to the rope a variety of complex fancy stick method is really simple and rough, lap around a circle on the line. Answer the Lord feel tied to the kind of abstinence after the aesthetic is quite attractive, adhesive tape close to the skin, a trace of excess burden are not, let people enjoy the perfect body lines. But the general feeling is tied. Perhaps the Lord is not good this mouth, welcome friends like bondage sex.

4 handcuffs
The pain tight handcuffs handcuffed, uncomfortable, a circle of metal cutting into the flesh began to feel pain, then it will numb, open the handcuffs and the moment of blood return, metal skin and leave that moment can clearly feel the skin adhesion metal feeling, too long or too tight. Wrist pain may be several days, there will be scars, but a scar on the wrist for S M can enjoy several days, every time s enjoy m (in fact, a boss of it) will be in the mind to the scene at the time, feel ashamed and excited, there is a high pressure under sense of satisfaction. The role of psychological suggestion. More intense, there was a feeling of torture as a prisoner abuse. Unfortunately, after playing bondage sex again refused, because reluctant to hurt the lord.

How to use vibrating cock ring.

Vibrating cock ring is commonly used in adult sex toys, it can bring couples happy thrills. But some couples are not sure how to use it. In order to let everyone enjoy a better passion for sex, the following to introduce the use of vibrating cock ring.

What is vibrating cock ring.
Vibrating cock ring is a adult sex toys, the main purpose is to increase sexual love. When the male wearing vibrating cock ring, and then sex, can let every impact are accompanied by vibration, accurately stimulate her sensitive points, let her orgasm constantly. Of course, not only women get happy, vibrating cock ring can make both men and women get excitement and pleasure, add spice, one person wear, two people enjoy.

How to use vibrating cock ring.
A vibrating cock ring can be used alone, can also use condoms collocation. Alone when used directly on the penis can be. The insurance is collocation, should first be insurance condom on the penis after the ring on the top of the condom, please note that the above rings on the vibrator to the root in the penis. Tear the inner package of the adult sex toys in the box. Will the insurance condom on the penis. Then the vibrating cock ring is sheathed on the condom can be.

Recommended in the choice of time to be optimistic about the vibration vibrating cock ring.
Big brand vibrating cock ring, more secure quality. Delay vibrating ring, because can make men more durable, so let women get sexual orgasm greater chance. As a commonly used sexual adult sex toys, vibrating cock ring for couples life into fun and passion, can make the feelings more fresh, more lasting. In short, the vibrating ring is a great adult sex toy, can bring a different feeling to the couple. Of course, each kind of vibrating ring slightly different, before use, need to carefully read the instructions.

The guide for your first time anal sex.

In reality, many couples or couples because of sexual behavior on the normal behavior of tired, so I hope some stimulus to improve the experience, so many people choose to try first time anal sex, but many people do not know how to anal sex, anal sex and some matters needing attention, the lack of such experience and cause harm to physical and mental gender health.

Look at the following considerations:

1. First time anal sex will make you feel pain? Anal sex should not be painful. If you feel pain, you said that the method of error. If there is enough lubrication and patience, anal sex may be part of your safe and satisfying sexual life. However, there are a lot of people don’t love it, if your partner is such a person, respect him (her) line. Don’t force him (her) to accept the idea.

2. Why would anyone want first time anal sex? For many people, it is quite anal sex taboo. Customers sounds vulgar and dirty, it is some technology. In 90s, anal sex was rated poorly because the AIDS virus that caused HIV was extremely easy to spread through anal sex. Some people love anal sex, some people hate it. Some people have tried and curious. But there are quite a lot of people because of anal sex taboos and mysterious and it was felt to attract.

3. What is the mouth to the anus stimulus? The body has a part of someone love lick it, people love to be licked, it is anus. The anus has about half the nerve endings in the pelvic area, and many people find it exciting to touch it. So far, we are not in this series of first time anal sex talked about the “safe”, but there will be mentioned: the anus and rectum may be parasitic rather much bacteria, which is harmless in there, but in the mouth or stomach may cause damage. For export on anal stimulation is dangerous behavior caused by a variety of bacterial diseases. If you or your partner likes to do this, the stimulation of the mouth to the anus is a dangerous behavior for multiple bacterial diseases. If you or your partner likes this behavior, refer to the safe sex tips section to find ways to protect yourself from infection.

4. First time anal sex can really bring the fun? Anal sex can be fun in many ways to find. Doing something nasty, especially about sex, is attractive to many people. Do something different to add to the pleasure of life has become a habit. In the anal intercourse, the physical sensation is quite different from what is acquired from other things. Rectum is composed of nerve endings, some will be stimulated to notify the brain when you feel good signal reward. For men, the prostate may be sources of intense pleasure. The penis is (Sprint sprint… Oneself turn over to feel amused: P), the circle of anal constrictive can be new the intense joy that has intense feeling.

5. what should I prepare for first time anal sex? For all the people who want to try anal sex, the most important advice is: lubricants, condoms and patience. Don’t buy a grease lubricant. Make sure you buy lubricant “can use condoms. Grease lubricant, such as Vaseline or baby oil, as early as you complete the sexual behavior before it will destroy the condoms. And many oily substances accumulate on the rectal wall, providing a hotbed of bacterial infection.


What is the fleshlights?

Fleshlights such things, the first military, you do not know is normal.

The airplane with a special glass cup is closed very tight, the first is the protection, in order to meet the drinking water mission of specially designed. Later into the folk, we commonly known as the fleshlights.

First of all, in order to cope with the fleshlights in turbulence, to ensure that the inside of the liquid can not leak, the appearance of the fleshlights and a layer of inner cup body, the liner material is PVC, elastic, to make sure that no flight because too bumpy and Water Leakage.

At the same time the fleshlights inside the set of high elastic silicone layer, liquid can be put into, but not easily flow out. So after the use of the aircraft cup to be carefully cleaned, so as to avoid internal liquid corruption.

At the same time to drink the cup because way of flying down, the rubber layer are arranged outside the fleshlights, a good grip, but also to prevent falling after smashed equipment.

This kind of thing is because of the military civilian, fleshlights unique design and high material costs, lead is not very popular consumer goods, and the other is too rough, not suitable for girls to use, so you don’t know what is normal.