Give your girl the best oral sex.

Everyone knows that there are many ways to have sex, people will choose their familiar way of sex and skill. Most couples are like penis and intimate contact of the vagina, few people will try to best oral sex, so what question do you need pay attention to best oral sex. Take a look at.

Keep clean
Before the mouth to enjoy best oral sex, it is recommended that the girls take the initiative to clean themselves (would you like to help her wash is no problem, of course). Having sex before a bath also conveniently when to relax. (of course, some people is the original of the preference for woman, it also have not cannot, getting the chance to communicate their preferences is good in advance, in case of embarrassment.)

Find a comfortable and safe place, let her lie down. More praise her a few words to relax. More often than not, girls cannot enjoy best oral sex because she felt nervous and unsure, worried that you would mind her taste and shape. Say a few words to let her relax. The clitoris is undoubtedly the most sensitive spot on her. If you still don’t know where the clitoris, then follow the small make up meditation: the clitoris is located at the junction of two pieces of the top of the labia minora, here has very much to the pleasure of nerve endings.

How to find the clitoris? Imagine a diamond: the clitoris is a small part of the diamond at the top, was wrapped by a layer of the skin. Please note, however, a lot of girls like you around the stimulation of the clitoris, rather than get started into the best oral sex. Package the clitoris this layer of the skin is called the prepuce, most of the woman’s clitoris is hidden in the inside of the foreskin, a bit like the relationship between the penis and wrapping.

Just like the glans penis, the clitoris may be especially sensitive, especially when start having sex. So your tongue can walk the labia minora temptation, from top to bottom and move around or circle, and then slowly and gently into the clitoris. Note that due to the female urethral opening at the top of the vaginal opening, easy to infection, so please pay special attention to health. There are also women’s preference for this area, if so, then don’t hesitate, make best oral sex for her!

If she is going to orgasm soon. You must hold on, do best oral sex excited her actions, no matter what. At this time a change of pace is likely to lose her immediately. Once she was in full swing, you had better to stop all action, because by this time the clitoris very sensitive, with a touch is likely to be hurt.

To explore a lot
Some women are like each other quietly and quickly toggle the clitoris, and enjoy at the same time stimulate the g-spot. If so, you can also use hand and mouth, stimulate her g-spot, you may feel overwhelmed at the beginning, but the skilled. The point is, you can use best oral sex as a common game, a lot of experiment with different skills, take the initiative to communicate, learn to read each other’s body signals, and find the way to let her peak.