The using method of delay spray.

Doping is a cause of concern in a variety of sports events, because it can make people in a short period of time the body to produce greater potential, and even bed exercise is no exception. So the men and women in the sex There are plenty of people who eat stimulant. Light, sexual life is not controlled, long-term fatigue will affect the sexual function of men. So people pursuit of doping, namely the so-called delay spray, drug related selection and use of emerge in an endless stream, however, is that many male compatriots have a headache.

In the introduction of sexual products, those who enhance the function of delay spray can not be ignored. Although progress has been made in the discovery and treatment of drugs since twentieth Century, it has been difficult to identify the ideal and universal practical stimulants. Impotence, sexual indifference and other sexual function is low, is the most common clinical features of the disease. Therefore, whether it is a doctor or a patient, for many years, has been with a strong interest, relentlessly seek to enhance sexual desire and sexual pleasure of the drug, known as sexual stimulant. In use can be divided into oral medicine and topical paint.

A sexual stimulant strengthen mechanism of sexual function is more complex, but the external agent mechanism is nothing more than the delay spray was absorbed through the skin, achieve the expansion of genital artery, increase genital sponge sinus blood flow or congestion, stimulate the brain’s “central”, to increase the function of the objective.

Now the sale of the market on the composition of the delay spray can be seen: Henbin, cocaine, marijuana, ethanol, etc.. Experts recommend that users should be an antidote against the disease in the diagnosis under the guidance of a doctor, must not choose or abuse of stimulants. Otherwise, the effect is often counterproductive.