Using vibrating egg guide.

Some netizens said they use vibrating egg comfortable experience, after watching so many couples have a great interest in this vibrating egg. Our taste is what? Even can let a female magic nakedness slippery? And foreplay with it, the experience of the stick?

The first letter: customers have the feeling of wife. At first we used a small frequency, according to the situation to adjust the frequency. Wife soon wet, but the wife is a self-sustaining, now in retrospect it feels good but not good to say interrupt. The last itch is not good, pull me into. Then what is the foreplay! Then became a replacement vibrating egg foreplay, almost every time, I feel great!

Now people’s life pressure, a lot of women in sexual life can not be met, they would prefer to work on the fun supplies. So there are a lot of people will use our. But because our products are relatively new, many people do not understand. First of all, you know, also called vibrating egg, is a sex toy, rubber, plastic, metal, silicon and other materials, smooth surface, there are many lovely shapes and different colors vibrating egg, increase the interest of a user.

To put into the vagina for masturbation, use, due to small size, can be put into the vagina, can also be used to stimulate the clitoris, nipple. Vibrating egg have an egg shaped part, some cable, there is wireless, wireless vibrating egg usually have a string, after use can be pulled out from the jump rope to the vagina or anus, or may be trapped inside. Attention should be paid to the prevention of secretion outflow.

Our company not only can “jump”, made of different materials to customers will feel different. The materials can vibrating egg: rubber, plastic, metal, silicon and other materials, there are many lovely shapes and different colors vibrating egg, increase the interest of a user. To say our can bring what effect, that only you can understand, but it is certain that it has induced orgasm, for those slow type of women, the egg is just the auxiliary tool.

Vibrating egg woman to feel how? The female sexual excitement generated using eggs even beyond sex pleasure, but the pleasure is often beyond the female self-control, the favorite vibrating egg can not resist, can not conceal. Even many women with sexual partner when required with the use to achieve unlimited vibrating egg, climax. The use of continuous stimulation of the body sensitive female eggs, will also cause the same to the sexual orgasm. Even a lot of sex never reached the climax of the female orgasm can jump.